36° North Sprint Triathlon: Race Details

Swim- 300 Meter Pool Swim
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Swim Map

The endless debate...YARDS OR METERS? Tanglewood is a meter pool.  However, all participants must submit a 100 yard swim time for seeding purposes- might not make sense but that's just how it works. Being a pool swim with a staggered start, participants are seeded from fastest to slowest. It is in your best interest to submit an accurate 100 yard "pace" time.. In other words, don't submit your fastest 100 yard swim time, submit a 100 yard time that represents what you'll do on race day over the 300 meter distance. By seeding yourself properly, you'll end up swimming near people who swim the same pace as you. This will reduce the number of people who you will need to pass or the number of people who will be passing you.

We will stagger the start times by 15 seconds to ensure plenty of room for everyone.

The swim times below are from previous races and will provide some guidance as to how to project how fast or slow you would swim 100 yards. 

Minutes & Seconds Per 100 Yards:  Average Swimmer: 2:08; Fastest Swimmer: 1:10; Slowest Swimmer: 5:09; Top 10%: 1:34

Bike - 20 K (12.4 miles)
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Bike Course Map

 The bike course is a two-loop format on rolling terrain in rural Forsyth County. Cyclists will exit Tanglewood Park through the back gate and turn right onto Idols Road. Each loop is an approximately 5.5 mile counter-clockwise loop on Idols, Dock Davis and Hampton Roads. At the conclusion of the 2nd loop, cyclist will turn right into Tanglewood Park at the back gate and return to the transition area. All roads are open to vehicular traffic but are lightly traveled on race morning. Law enforcement officers will ensure safety at all intersections and Clemmons Bicycle Shop will provide sag support during the event.

Run Course - 5 K (3.1 miles)
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Run Course Map

The 5K run is an out and back course on paved roads inside of Tanglewood Park (the gravel section has been eliminated).  This is one of the more beautiful 5K run courses you will ever run in a triathlon.  Aid will be available every mile offering water and electrolyte replacement drink.  All finishers will be welcomed to the finish line by Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law and experience the remarkable post-race experience that 36 North has become famous for!  Can you say beer and Chick Fil A sandwiches????